Pattern for Disgust from Disney’s Inside Out

Pattern for Disgust from Disney’s Inside Out

tumblr_nocsa1clAZ1skiltjo4_r1_250I really don’t know how to explain it, but

I apparently have an affinity to either red haired or green skinned characters.

…what’s up with that?

Either way, let’s continue the tradition of A to Z Pattern Picks by discussing my pattern choice for Disgust from Disney’s Inside Out.

Inside Out was an amazing movie, especially to those of us who have dealt with depression. To see the internal struggle played out in that animated kind of way was essentially a revelation.

To bring one of these characters to life has been in the back of mind ever since I watched the movie. So, let’s start with Disgust!

McCall’s M6887 Pattern for Disgust

DressAIn a recent pattern sale that included all McCall’s patterns for $1.99 a piece, the M6887 pattern stood out as a perfect dress for Disgust.

Changes to the Pattern

Dress A looks perfect from the front, however, it has a weird cut out thing going on in the back. You’re better off going with Dress B and going without the sleeves (looking at how dress A handles it in the instructions).

Also, Disguest has a V neck to her dress, which is essentially easy to add into this pattern. Just cut it into a V inside of the curve. (in addition…this dress would be great for Joy as well…without the V neck alteration).

The Fabric

Finding the perfect green to go along with whatever wig or tights your purchase for this outfit will be the hardest endeavor. However, looking at the reference, I did figure out the best color from it. Randomly, my nephew has been working on his baby’s nursery and mentioned that the main color was a green called Celadon. After looking, this ended up being a perfect fit. Here’s a cotton celadon fabric for purchase.

As for the pattern on her dress…don’t be too worried about trying to find a fabric like that..Make it easy on yourself. My plan would be to do the cute little flowers on it with fabric puff-paint. You’ll only need two colors and to make a template to follow. Easy-peazy!

The Accessories Needed

Screamin Green Crayola EyelashesOf course, you’re going to need accessories to complete the full Disgust look!

Hope this little walk through helped! Happy Cosplaying!