Wing Wednesday #5

Wing Wednesday #5

wpid-20151105_082618.jpgGlitter was officially finished up last week…and that means it was time to dive into contact paper. We brought in our wing expect, Elizabeth, by Google Hangout and review our process. We were smart and prepared to test our process before getting started, too! G wrapped three wire coat hangers with masking tape (like we did with our wings) for us to run our tests on.

After our tests, we felt confident to get started with a small project. Because both Tinkerbell and Periwinkle’s wings are in a single set, they would require a lot more heating, so we started with Vidia’s single bottom wing. After a lot of heating, we have an almost completed piece.

wpid-20151105_082705.jpgWe still have a lot of work left to do with all of the wings, but next week, we will be using multiple heat guns to get more down in as fast as possible. Wish us luck! 😀 Obviously, still so much more to come!


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