Avengers on the Lawn in Bartow

Avengers on the Lawn in Bartow

Avengers on the Lawn in Bartow with A to Z CosplayThe City of Bartow hosts a really great event every year called SyFy Bartow and at that event there is everything from panels to costume contests to tons of vendors and other fun! At that event for 2015, we had the opportunity to meet and become fast friends with the main man, Sean. When fun things are going on in the town of Bartow, we at A to Z Cosplay are quick to learn about them. On Friday, May 22st, Mike, our friend Xavier, and I set out on the long trip to Bartow for their on-the-lawn showing of the first Avengers movie. We went as Black Widow, Hawkeye, and Xavier donned his Agent of Shield uniform.

We posed for pictures, took in the amazing local food at their German restaurant, which is still our favorite (we really should try some of the others in the area lol). Children won awards for entering into the Costume Contest, there was everything from Hulk to Link to a Zombie IronMan.
Because the weather ended up taking a turn for the worst, a secondary location was secured and we were able to watch the movie in the restaurant Hacienda. We got to talk to kids and to others about the charity work that we do as well as enjoy some rousing nerd talk with the locals.

We love the city of Bartow and can’t wait for the next event that we can attend!


  • Cathy


    Sorry we missed SyFy Saturday! Looks like you all had fun I work in Bartow at Achievement Academy. I agree with you that Bartow is s nice town.

    June 2, 2015at4:15 am

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