A to Z Pattern Picks

Dc Superhero Girls – Poison Ivy – Pattern

DC Super Hero Girls probably couldn't be a more popular children's show for female empowerment. This awesome show finally has our favorite female heroes in clothing that's actually appropriate for children to aspire to don. As a huge fan of Poison Ivy, I was extremely excited to see that she was

How to Make a Dr Eggman Jacket from Sonic the Hedgehog

For DragonCon 2015 a friend of ours had interest in learning how to sew and wanted to remake his former Dr Eggman costume. Well, Mike and I were up to the challenge and were actually quite eager to see what we could do when it came to a Dr Eggman jacket. Straight after

A is for Ariel and Her Pink Dress

To start off my A to Z series of Pattern Picks for making costumes based off of specific characters, there's, of course, Ariel for the letter A. The Little Mermaid was by far my favorite Disney Movie growing up. Honestly, it still probably is. Now, while the Pink dress isn't the