DC Roller Girls Shoot with Short Fuse Pinups

The story of this DC Roller Girls cosplay group begins months before we debuted the costumes at DragonCon. Leaping Lizard Cosplay (Liz Vickery), Brittnie Jade, and I (Tracy of A to Z Cosplay) fell in love with the original art work created by Danielle Gransaull back at MegaCon 2014. After meeting her

Mark VI Helmet build

Halo MJOLNIR Mark VI Helmet Build, Looking Back

Mike has been working on an amazing looking Halo helmet for the past few months. We haven't been sharing much of the progress lately because it had stalled because of "real life." I wanted to share what he had accomplished so far. I'm so happy that we have friends like those

Power Ranger Helmet Build: Getting Started

Using Pepakura Viewer and Designer with pepakura file from DungBeetle of the Pink Mighty Morphin Power Ranger's helmet. Learn how to scale and how to deal with big pieces and small pages in Pepakura Designer. The first step to making your own Power Ranger helmet! Get your own file to get

A is for Ariel and Her Pink Dress

To start off my A to Z series of Pattern Picks for making costumes based on specific characters, there's, of course, Ariel for the letter A. The Little Mermaid was by far my favorite Disney movie growing up. Honestly, it still probably is. Now, while the Pink dress isn't the

Hawkeye cosplay Avengers cosplay A to Z Cosplay

HawkEye shoot with Short Fuse Pinups at Dragon Con 2014

Photos HAD to be done of Mike and his new HawkEye costume! He has been doing HawkEye now for over two years with a costume that he was able to make in a week by repurposing military gear, but months leading up to DragonCon, he did a costume study and

A Marvel-ous Proposal – Black Widow to marry Hawkeye

Many weeks leading up to DragonCon, my boyfriend Mike and I had been working very hard on our cosplays. For Mike, it was his Hawkeye and for me, I was finally making a Black Widow costume to be able to stand beside him. Of course, as with all cosplays, there's