BlackWidow / HawkEye Photo Shoot with ShortFusePinups

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BlackWidow / HawkEye Photo Shoot with ShortFusePinups

AtoZ Cosplay Black Widow and HawkEye Dragon Con by Short Fuse Pinups

Photo Credit: Short Fuse Pinups

I can not begin to express how happy I am that I connected with Emily of Short Fuse Pinups back at MegaCon. She has an amazing talent unlike any I have experienced…not to mention, she’s a super great lady! After such a great experience at that con, Liz (Leaping Lizard Cosplay) and I decided that we -needed- her to join us at DragonCon and MADE it happen! These are some of the first shots coming back from our private shoots from DragonCon…of course, except for her being there to catch Mike’s proposal and our happy engagement!  (Which I couldn’t be more pleased with, btw). I am sooooooo excited to finally have some professional shots of Mike and I in these costumes..I’m in LOVE with them! These photos were taken almost directly after our engagement and on top of the Hilton hotel…aka the “Hilton Steps” area. We were pretty much all alone up in this area and could do whatever we wanted! Amazing! More photos coming of our solo shoots as well. Stay Tuned.

Check out Short Fuse Pinups for more on her spectacular work! Tell her AtoZ sent ya! 😉

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